Nicolas Venturi

Nationalité : Italienne

Voilier : Moon in June

Age : 40 ans

Résidence : Brèche Italie

Expérience : I have Yachmaster Offshore and Ocean, IYT Bareboat Flotilla skipper, Gmdss Goc, Isaf 6.01, Helm O, 3 atlantic crossing with monohull and catamaran, sail in Biscay and Med in summer and winter for charter and boat transfer, sail in Caribbean sea from Grenada to BVI, I am planning another crossing in April to Europe and in October from Italy to Panama. I send the pictures in attachment.

Passion pour la voile : My dad tought me to sail when I was 7

Et le solitaire ? : The sound of waves and wind, the silence

Motivations pour la Longue Route 2024 : I want to improve me and my boat in this challenge

Quelle préparation avant la Longue Route 2024 : I want to do a solo crossing of Atlantic, west east and east west

Selon vous, quel sera le plus grand défi ? : To reach safely Horn cap with my boat

Avez-vous l'intention de lier votre défi personnel à une cause sociale ? : I would love to see a lot of disabled people on sailing boats.

Parlez-nous de votre bateau : The boat is a Moana 39 custom, engineered and built by Malingri in Italy, a blue water boat, very strong, with new rigging and sails, ocean equipped. The name is "Moon in June", 39feet, 11.99 long 3.42 large, 1.89 depth, sloop cutter, one engine Lombardini 48cv, solar panels, 130+150+100lt water, 120+ 20+20+20 fuel.

Moon in June